Hydroponic Grow Boxes- Choose the Right Lighting for Massive Growth

The lighting you choose to put to use in your hydroponic grow boxes will make a big difference in the manner in which your plants are able to grow and thrive. It will also make the difference between plants that grow as big and strong as they can, and those that fail to thrive because they are not getting all of the proper nutrition and lighting they need. When you are first starting out, with the vegetative and cloning stages of hydroponic growth, most people choose to use either Metal Halide of Compact Fluorescent bulbs. These allow the plants to grow rapidly, and very strong. The light emitted by these bulbs is extremely blue and white.

When people first began using lighting for their hydroponic grow boxes, they often employed very large, high wattage bulbs. However, it has been discovered that just a 400 or 600 watt bulb can be used with success today.

When your plants inside your grow box have begun to flower , the lighting inside your grow box needs to be of a different light spectrum;orange and warmer lighting. This is best for plants when they are flowering, since it gives them the proper lighting needed to produce big flowers and later massive harvests.

The new LED technology is fast becoming the rage in indoor farming one note we feel is worth noting is that the light just looks funny so that is why some growers do not use that type of system.

One of our growers has tested the products right from the start and he finds the harvests to be the same if not better the with regular lighting.

Many people have completely switched over their lighting to the easier and more economical LED lighting. These lights are highly valued, since they do not produce huge amount of heat that must be disposed of, and they do not pull great amounts of electricity like other lighting does. In addition, LED bulbs do not suck up the nutrient/water solution like other lighting, so less water is needed as well.

While the initial cost of purchasing Led lights is more than traditional lighting for hydroponic grow boxes, they more than pay for themselves over a short time. Your electric bills will be much less expensive, and you will not have to worry about replacing the bulbs as often either. Also, you will not need a gigantic ventilation system either, since less heat build up is present with LED lighting.