LED Grow Lights-Are they for you?

If you are first getting started with hydroponics, you will soon discover that the lighting you choose is one of the very most important things you have to consider when starting your hydroponics grow system. There are many choices you can choose from, like Metal halide, compact fluorescent, high-pressure sodium, and LED. Many people that have been involved with hydroponics have used high intensity lighting, and wish to stay with them. However, using LEDS costs much less in the end than any other lighting.

LED grow lights cost more at the beginning than other lights, but they use so much less electricity, and do not overheat the plant’s environment like other lighting forms. They cost more to begin with, but soon, they pay for themselves over and over again since they are so much more economical to use. Most people that try LED lighting decide to stay and never go back to other lighting ever again.

When you buy LED grow lights that are meant for growing, and not the ones that are meant for just lighting, they can be perfect for very young plants. This is when plants need the blue spectrum of light. LED grow lights are so awesome because they can be purchased in different light wavelengths, making them usable for any stage of growing. This makes it easy to match your different plants with the right wavelength so they get exactly what they need for optimum growth. Other lighting types can only be purchased in a single light wavelength, making hydroponics growing trickier for those just starting out.

LED grow lights are great since they do not overheat the atmosphere around the plants. However, for those that have been using other lighting types, they might have a hard time switching since they have already grown accustomed to working with lights that have a drying effect on the plants. They often already have everything setup to deal with this problem, and may feel like switching lighting is just too much work.

Besides the fact the Led grow lights cost less to operate, and do not overheat the air like other lighting, they also cost less when it comes to bulb replacement, since these bulbs last substantially longer than any other grow light bulbs out there today. They allow the grower to save money, hassle and time, and make the entire hydroponics growing process easier than it has ever been before.