Advanced Nutrients In Hydroponics

Hydroponics is the exciting practice of growing plants without the use of soil – this goes without saying then that nutrients that should’ve been provided by soil should come from another source, such as from the water solution. Obviously, the advanced nutrients solution given to hydroponic plants has a direct effect on their growth, health, and their yield.  Soil has about seventeen different elements that would promote a plant’s growth – fortunately, even the most basic solutions for hydroponics have all these nutrients.

It is important to use formulas specifically designed for hydroponics, since regular fertilizer products won’t normally have all the elements needed.  There are also advanced nutrients available-special formulations and/or additives that evoke specific behaviors or growth in the plants. Making the best nutrient mixture is indeed complex – what with all the factors that have to be considered such as the type of plant, nutrient blend that’s most suitable to a particular plant, the desired result. True enough, there’s an endless list of combination of elements and quantities.

Essentially, this is chemistry; and if you took chemistry in high school, you probably recognize that the correct blend of chemicals can be beneficial, while the wrong blend can be catastrophic.  Thank goodness for ready-made mixtures, the nitty-gritty of chemistry is taken off of your shoulders; still, you need to learn about your plants and read the product labels to ascertain that you are doing the right thing.  In general, while basic nutrient blends promote regular health and growth, advanced nutrients provide an extra push in particular areas. Several blends deal with keeping the right pH balance in the water, which is essential in hydroponics.

Some elements promote accelerated growth; some affect the blooming stage; some encourage thicker foliage; some boost the yield of harvest. However, it’s not as simple as putting an additive in your gas tank, or applying the right formula to get the expected result.    Everytime you put something in the water, you’re feeding the plant something that will ultimately affect it for good or bad-just as “we are what we eat.” When a physiciain prescribes medicine for us, it may treat a symptom or condition, but there may also be side effects.

In the same way, plants would feel some unwanted effects in some areas by the mere “taking” of a booster. The more you know how different nutrients affect your plant, the better you will be able to decide what the best things are to feed your plant.  Thankfully, many hydroponic developers want you to have the “correct” result from their advanced nutrients, so they’ll put essential information on the label.  It’s therefore very important to read the label before buying a certain product. Among the many pieces of information found in the label are the benefits of as well as the elements that make up the blend.

If the product does not have sufficient information on the label, do not trust it.